Esther: Part , Lessons 3-4

Chapters 5-10

• Esther Invites King and Haman to Banquet

• Haman Furious with Mordecai

• Haman Takes Advice of Wife and Friends

• Haman's Desire To Be Honored Turned on Him and He Must Honor               Mordecai

• Esther's Second Banquet Reveals She Is Jewish

• Esther Asks for Amnesty for Her People

• Haman Revealed and Hung on His Own Gallows

• Esther Goes Before King Again, House of Haman Given to Her

• Mordecai Given Signet Ring

• Jews Able to Defend Themselves

• Enemies Defeated

• Purim Established as a Holiday

• Mordecai's Favored for Devotion to Jews


Hunger for The Word