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To create a hunger for The Word in others by fostering a desire to study The Word for themselves and to know The Word from Genesis to Revelation;encouraging each and every one to develop an intimate relationship with Abba, our Father God.

Mission Statement:

Lisa Welch Cloninger

Lisa Cloninger has been teaching Bible classes in both Columbus, Georgia and Angel Fire, New Mexico since 2002.

A student of the Bible first and a teacher second;Lisa uses the Inductive Method of study to teach her classes.

Since 2008, in partnership with a professional Israeli tour guide, Lisa has been leading up to three study groups annually in Israel. During these two-week guided tours, Lisa and her partner teach both the Biblical and secular history of Israel, Over the years, she has traveled extensively throughout both Israel and the world to seek out and study biblical discoveries.

Lisa has been married to Kriss Cloninger III since 1999. They have four children and nine grandchildren. In addition to her grandchildren, Lisa enjoys horseback riding, snow skiing, scuba diving and water aerobics. Since Kriss retired in 2017, they split their time between Amarillo, Texas, Angel Fire, New Mexico and Kona, Hawaii. 

Bible classes with Lisa are never fee based. They are only offered in service to The Lord.

Lisa Cloninger


Hunger for The Word

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