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Inductive Bible Study with Lisa Cloninger

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Ezra, Haggai, Esther, Nehemiah: Introduction

Overview of Books
Ezra, Haggai, Esther, Nehemiah

Ezra : Part 1A, Lesson 1

Chapters 1-3
• Cyrus Proclaims He Will Rebuild Temple in Jerusalem
• Exiles May Return Those Who Returned w/ Zerubbabel to Jerusalem
• Foundation of Temple Laid

Ezra: Part 1A, Lesson 2

Chapters 4-6
• Stop and Start of Rebuilding Second Temple
• Enemies try to stop Building of the Second Temple
• Darius Allows Building of Second Temple

Haggai: Part 1A, Lesson 3

Chapters 1-2
• God Tells Them To Build His House
• God Tells Them To Get to Work and Finish Temple
• Promise of Messiah through Zerabbabel

Esther: Part 2, Lessons 1-2

Chapters 1-4
• Xerxes Throws a Banquet, Calls for Vashti
• Vashti Refuses and Is Banished
• Xerxes Searches for a New Queen
• Crowns Esther (Hadassah)
• Haman Promoted
• Mordecai Refuses To Worship Haman
• Human Calls for Death of All Jews
• Xerxes Signs Decree of Death
• Mordecai Mourning
• Calls Esther To Go to King and Plead for Her People

Esther: Part 2, Lessons 3-4

Chapters 5-10
• Esther Invites King and Haman to Banquet
• Haman Furious with Mordecai
• Haman Takes Advice of Wife and Friends
• Haman's Desire To Be Honored Turned on Him
• Haman Must Honor Mordecai
• Esther's Second Banquet Reveals She Is Jewish
• Esther Asks for Amnesty for Her People
• Haman Revealed and Hung on His Own Gallows
• Esther Goes before King Again, House of Haman Given to Her
• Mordecai Given Signet Ring
• Jews Able to Defend Themselves
• Enemies Defeated
• Purim Established as a Holiday
• Mordecai's Favored for Devotion to Jews

Ezra: Part 1B, Lesson 4

Chapters 7-8
• Artaxerxes Lets Whomever Wants To Return to Jerusalem
• The Journey to Israel

Ezra: Part 1B, Lesson 5

Chapters 9-10
• Ezra Finds the Jews Who Returned Have Intermarried w/ Pagans
• Ezra Leads the People To Confess, Repent and Put Away Their Wives

Nehemiah: Part 3, Lesson 1

Chapters 1-2
• Nehemiah Pleads with God on Behalf of Judah
• He Confesses Their Sin and Reminds God of His Covenant
• Nehemiah Returns to Jerusalem To Rebuild the Wall

Nehemiah: Part 3, Lesson 2

Chapters 3-5
• Building The Wall
• Nehemiah Reenforces Builders
• Peoples Usury of Their Own

Nehemiah: Part 3, Lesson 3

Chapters 6-7
• Enemies Try to Distract, Frighten, Intimidate, but Wall Is Finished
• Leaders and Guards Appointed
• Genealogy of Those Who Returned with Zerabbabel

Nehemiah: Part 3, Lesson 4

Chapters 8-10
• Reading of The Law
• Celebrating Feast of Tabernacles
• Repenting before The Lord
• Reminding Him of Their History
• Admitting Disobedience
• Agreeing To Change
• Leaders Making Agreement with God To Be godly

Nehemiah: Part 3, Lesson 5

Chapters 11-13
• Casting Lots To See Who Would Live in Jerusalem
• The Priests and Levites Who Came Back with Zerubbabel
• Their Duties and Portion
• Nehemiah Restores Tithe to Levites
• Reinstitutes and Sanctifies the Sabbath
• Punishes Men Who Have Married Foreigners and Purifies Them
• Prays for God To Remember Him for Good

Hunger for The Word

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